Chabash Health Initiative Foundation

الجهات الموقّعة:


1  To reduce and control deforestation 

2  To reduce the improper waste management

3  To reduce the emission of the green house

Deforestation is one of the major cause of climate change, due to man activities and increase in population, most people in Africa uses fire wood as cooking fuel or heat energy. So everyday trees are being cut down and they are not being replaced, and this activities cause deforestation which affect the ecosystem and also lead to disaster such as erosion, flood, land degradation and, loss of soil fertility etc

    1    So we as an organization are striving to take it up as a duty to plant at least five thousand trees every year in the norther part of Nigeria to help in the restoration of the ecosystem

    2    To educate the populace of the community on the effect of deforestation 

    3   To create awareness about the used of fossil fuel as cooking fuel and heart energy

The enumerated point above can help in the restoration of the ecosystem and protect the environment against climate change and achieve the SDGs by 2030.

The need of solar energy as an alternative means of energy can not be over emphasize the emission of the green house gases are done mostly through burning of waste, bushes, automobile, generators etc  

Generators are widely used due to insufficient provision of electricity, most people especial in Nigeria uses generator as sources of electricity instead of solar or wind energy,

In the northern part of Nigeria solar energy can be used due to the availability of Abundant sun light  but due to lack of knowledge and financial resources people prefer using generator because is relatively cheap but is hazardous  

The people need to be educated on the safety of the solar system through relatively expensive but it will go a long in achieving the SDGs 

Based on our research we found out that the villagers and the urban people now found it difficult to access cooking fuel due to the crisis prevalent in the northern part of the Country .

CHABASH is an organisation that will want to contribute in providing cooking fuel both to the villagers and the urban people by producing charcoal briquette, 

The charcoal briquette is produced from agricultural waste and other waste materials ready availability in village and the urban areas 

This will help in reducing deforestation, waste and reduction of the emission of the green house gases this will help in giving a better climate condition for the people, animals, and agriculture.