Norwegian Red Cross

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The Climate and Environment action plan is based on the Norwegian Red Cross’ commitments, and specifies goals and initiatives in our Strategy, in our policies, and in the Climate Charter. Therefore, our Strategic goals and objectives in the Climate Charter are listed in the action plan, and targets and measures are linked to these goals. A list with all the Charter objectives together located as an appendix at the end of the document.


Our humanitarian goals with measures are addressed first in the plan, then the organizational goal “Sustainable and responsible”, which includes most quantitative areas, is addressed. We are planning an annual rolling action plan, within the period 2023-2026, and where it will be possible to make annual adjustments.


We are one Norwegian Red Cross, with common climate and environmental goals. We have therefore planned to have an Action plan for Climate and the Environment for the entire organization, but have chosen to start with a plan for employees. During 2023, we will put in place a simpler plan that will include the voluntary sector, and thus the entire organization.


Through the measures in the Action Plan, we will work purposefully to achieve better results within our programs and activities, improve our environmental performance and have a lower carbon footprint – and in the long term reach the goal of “net zero”.


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