International Council of Voluntary Agencies



The ICVA Commitment and Motion to Action are an initial step to reinforce developing joint solutions and taking individual organisational actions to address climate change as in the 2022-2024 Strategic Priorities.

ICVA, as a network, signs the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations3.  In this way, as a network, we adopt a clear vision and principles to guide humanitarian action in the face of the crises.

ICVA members will consider signing the Charter individually and indicate when they will realistically be able to measure their implementation of the Charter.

Organisations adopting the Charter act to address the climate and environment crises, both in the programs they implement and the way they work.

A number of ICVA members and partners have been developing tools and guidance that will be valuable for implementing the Charter’s commitments. Organisations are encouraged to share widely existing tools and address potential gaps.

To keep up with the rate of change needed and continue to advance this agenda, ICVA will review the Motion to Action at latest at the next ICVA General Assembly in 2024.