International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies



The IFRC has identified the following specific targets for our organization under the Climate and Environment Charter. These are in line with our commitment to support National Societies in their climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction activities, and to reach vulnerable people with activities addressing a broad range of climate risks. These targets are aligned with our Global Plan and Budget and will be measured through our internal monitoring systems.

Under the 1st commitment:

  • Target 1: Reach 250 million people with activities to address the rising climate risks.
  • Target 2: By 2025, climate and environmental risks are factored into all our programmes and humanitarian operations.

Under the 2nd commitment:

  • Target 3: Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from IFRC’s activities year-on-year, with progressive ambition. Specific targets for the various lines of activities to be established by 2022.

Under the 3rd commitment:

  • Target 4: At least 100 National Societies have formulated explicit ambitions to address the rising climate and environmental risks in their operational plans, leveraging their auxiliary role and in collaboration with other partners, by 2025.