Climate and Environment Charter 3 year implementation plan

1. Step up our response to growing humanitarian needs and help people to adapt to the impacts of climate and environmental crises   

1.1. Continue to focus on raising grants for CCA as a major program pillar.

1.2. Integrate soil & water conservation/plantation/bio-briquettes whereever possible in projects for sustainable farming

2. Maximize the environmental sustainability of our work and rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions                                                                                  

2.1. Commit to purchase bio-briquette requirement of Afghanaid offices from the enterpreneurs

2.2. Install solar power in all Afghanaid offices and use to the maximum

3. Embrace the leadership of local actors and communities                                                             

3.1. Support community/home based nurseries to stay functioning

3.2. Commit to purchase a certain number of saplings per year and promote plantation

3.3. Support bio-briquette enterpreneurs to stay functioning

3.4. Support shorter cash for work projects for soil and water conservation

4. Increase our capacity to understand climate and environmental risks and develop evidence based solutions                                                                                        

4.1. Learn method of calculation of GHG levels in the atmosphere

4.2. Calculate GHG emission due to Afghanaid activities

4.3. Calculate GHG absolrption due to Afghanaid programs

4.4. Develop technical training manuals on climate change

4.5. Train Afghanaid staff on Climate Change and Afghanaid’s Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation  practices

5. Work collaboratively across the humanitarian sector and beyond to strengthen climate and environmental action                                                             

5.1. Develop factsheets on soil & water conservation, plantation and vegetation and share with others

5.2. Advocacy and policy influencing to promote to brand and position Afghanaid as a go-to organization

5.3. Join call for partnership with UNEP on future of Afghanistan environment

5.4. Promote Eco-DRR video in various development forums

5.5. Produce a paper on “Islam and the environment” (Environmental protection and Climate Change action)

5.6. Help the Government (MAIL, NEPA and ANDMA) on climate policies and global agreements

6. Use our influence to mobilise urgent and more ambitious climate action and environmental protection                                                                                

6.1. Develop business plans on HH level nursery and bio-briquette enterprises

6.2. Run an appeal “adapt a nursery” and “adapt a bio-briquette entrepreneur” to fund them

6.3. Identify funding sources that requires us to measure GHG impact of our projects and project delivery