Médecins du Monde Greece



Extract from MdM-Greece Strategic Plan 2022-2025:


Ensuring a continuous, reasonable and efficient framework for the operation of the Polyclinics will strengthen both the existing health coverage provided to vulnerable and socially excluded populations by Médecins Du Monde, and the pursuit of Universal Health Coverage. Activating the community through the active participation of its members is also a key priority.

Environmental injustice expressed through poor/sub-standard living conditions, unhealthy environment, is a key determinant of poor health for both the individuals and the society at large. The link between environmental injustice and poor health characterizes the vulnerable groups we care for, creating physical health, wellbeing and mental health problems both at an individual level and in (their) personal and social lives. Furthermore, the majority of the vulnerable people we serve remain largely excluded from the public health system and unable to access private practitioners due to cost, or actively claim better living conditions.

Environmental injustice and the poor personal health and hygiene associated that are closely related to it, pose a direct risk to public health in situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic and constitute a violation of human rights.

The organization’s three-year target and strategy is:

  • To link more closely the “health and environment” sectors by creating interdisciplinary networks, alliances, voluntary groups, etc. that will work in innovative ways on waste management and circular economy applications, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint at local level.
  • To foster a culture of waste management among young people and health professionals
  • To communicate more intensively the message “Health and environmental justice for all” (especially) among young people and health professionals.