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  • GERA helps populations in humanitarian crises caused by climate change and helps local communities deal with climate and environmental crises.
  • GERA will have taken measures to reduce climate risks for over a million people by 2026 with various approaches of awareness and educations.
  • By 2026, all our programs and humanitarian efforts will put in measures to prevent climate-related risks.
  • By 2026, all GERA missions and member countries will have clear goals in their operational plans for how to deal with rising climate and environmental risks.
  • Ensure that the GERA Talk Green forums and other ways of holding people accountable work well so that our policy on the environment is always followed.
  • GERA climate emergency learning path will help our staff understand the risks that climate and the environment pose to humanitarian response.
  • By 2026, GERA coverage projects will reduce morbidity and mortality from acute respiratory infections and illnesses caused by climate change by at least 75% or more in communities that are vulnerable to climate change and don’t have enough sanitation.
  • GERA will work with climate experts and humanitarian groups to make sure that new ways to fight climate change are based on research and proof that climate change, the environment, and human migration are all linked to creating a green society.
  • Different communities will be educated on the effects of deforestation and the use of fossil fuels for cooking and home energy by 2026. This will help to restore the ecosystem and protect it from climate change